Dear Real Estate Agent:

At the beginning of your real estate journey, you were probably told:
“Just list the property. It will sell itself!”

But here’s the cold, hard truth: some of those listings inevitably WON’T sell.

You know the circumstances we’re referring to. Here are some examples:

  • the houses with ZERO curb appeal
  • that emotionally-attached seller asking for waaay more money than the property is worth, and is unwilling to budge
    ‘But my house is different from the others!!’
  • those NIGHTMARE fixer-uppers that are better off being demolished
  • high interest rates that slow down the market
  • the ‘steals’ that are located on the “wrong side of the tracks”, and all those other houses with problems…For one reason or another, contrary to what you were told, some properties just don’t sell.
    And you end up devoting a significant amount of your precious time to properties that have little to no chance of being sold on the open market.

    And in real estate, just like in every business, time is money; you can’t afford to waste either one.

    That’s where we come in.

Unbuyable” and “unsellable” properties are our specialty.

Fire-damaged properties, former grow ops, major renovations needed, hoarder houses, tough neighborhoods, or simply “ugly” houses – the list goes on.
Our approach, strategies, and experience allow us to convert these properties from ‘zeroes’ to ‘heroes’.

Just like you, we’re consummate professionals. And just like you, our objective is to work on transactions (where we are the buyer) and help you sell these ‘unsellable’ properties in a win-win fashion.

WE want to work with YOU.

We’re actively looking for investment properties to buy.

Our network consists of private investors looking to acquire properties NOW.

Funding is already in place. This means:
– no need to wait for loan approval
– no funding contingencies

In some cases, we can close in as little as seven days.

And here’s some more good news: We will pay your commission!

Not receiving the price and terms you’re looking for?
Just reach out to us and tell us about the deal. We’ll come back to you with a solution (and an offer). Just click here.

You have absolutely NOTHING to lose.
It’s simple arithmetic:

Your listings + our investment capital = A win-win-win situation

– for the seller (homeowner)
– for us
– and for YOU!

To be fully transparent, we’re not simply looking for ‘slam-dunk’ deals, and we don’t just send you unreasonable low-ball offers.
Very often, we pay top-price for properties that fall within our ‘buy box’, and meet our underwriting criteria.
Even if you send us an overpriced ‘lemon’, we’ll still look at how we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

We’ll be your ‘Secret weapon’

Want to test the market first? Go ahead and list the property.
If you’re not receiving the response you desire, we can be your ‘Plan B.’

All it takes is an email; tell us about your deal.

We are real estate professionals, and know the ins and outs of the business.
So unlike typical buyers, there is no need for lengthy, detailed explanations. We are extremely proficient with execution:

  • You tell us about your deal
  • We underwrite the deal, then make an offer (often during the same business day)
  • Once we come to an agreement, all parties sign the legal paperwork
  • We open escrow
  • We close

And you get paid.

Here are the various ways we can help you boost your income:

  • There is not enough equity in the property to cover your commission
    If we come to an agreement with the seller, we will either pay your commission, or pay you a transaction (or referral) fee.

  • Too many DOM (Days on Market), Listing ready to expire
    Bad location, poor condition, unreasonable price.. let us know.
    With our experience, we can craft creative solutions that most others are unable to.

  • The homeowner needs to sell FAST (as in yesterday!)
    Our funding is READY. We can set the wheels in motion within hours, and close quickly.

  • Fire damage, code violations, major repairs needed, foundation issues, etc.
    We’ve seen it all, and we’re extremely proficient with these types of properties.

  • Homeowner behind on payments, facing foreclosure, auction date approaching fast, probates, delinquent taxes, lien on property…
    We partner with professionals who are experts in these areas.
    At times, we find solutions waaaay after everyone else has given up.

    Contact us; the results will amaze you!

Send us your deal. That’s all it takes.

After we come to an agreement with the seller and the paperwork is signed, you just sit back and let the magic happen.
It’s as simple as that. You just wait for the closing to get paid.
What do you have to lose?

But we’re not done! There’s more…

After we acquire (buy) a property, we have a variety of disposition strategies, which include:
– rehabbing them, and listing them for sale on the open market
– or listing them as rentals.

At times, our disposition strategies do not require the support of a real estate agent.
But sometimes they do! That’s where you come in . . . again.
If we develop a strong working relationship with you, it’s highly likely that we’ll retain your services to list the property for us.

It would be a pleasure to connect!

Please call us at (855) 81-DEALS [(855) 813-3257] so we can get acquainted and have a comprehensive conversation about how we can collaborate for our mutual benefit, and help you surpass your goals.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


The 911 Investor Team

Your Real Estate Lifeline

We buy ALL TYPES of properties: single-family homes, mobile home parks, condominiums, townhouses, multi-family homes, undeveloped land, commercial properties, apartment complexes, and more.

We are not novice investors who only make low-ball offers on single-family residences.

Please don’t assume the type of property we’re interested in. Send them all our way!
We buy all kinds of houses, in all areas and conditions, and we can save you time and energy by buying the property without the need for you to even list it! 

Do you have one of those unsellable properties right now?
Call us at (855) 81-DEALS [(855) 813-3257] so we can set the wheels in motion


– We pay your commissions
– Investment capital readily available
– We buy in all 50 States
– Fast closings
– Speed, professionalism, and experience